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The Monkey Wrench Conspiracy (Credits)


Jon FabrisGame Concept
Marc PrenskyGame Concept
Gilad AtlasStory
Jon FabrisStory
Jon FabrisWriting
Deborah ToddWriting
Steve WellsWriting
Jon FabrisProgramming
Rob PosniakProgramming
William DrummondLevel Design
Dub Media IncGraphics and Animation (Support Company)
Absolute Quality IncTesting
Gilad AtlasTesting
Davide BenelliTesting
Christopher PanTesting
George VitrayTesting
Absolute Quality IncTesting (Support Company)
Carlo BulfoniTask Concepts and Design
David WeyMutlimedia and Game Technical Interface
Steve WellsAutoCAD Advocacy
David WeyContent Creation
Steve WellsContent Creation
Anand BalaramContent Creation
Art IgnacioContent Creation
Andrew MischContent Creation
Sergio BenedettoTechnical Support and Testing
Nicola BinaghiTechnical Support and Testing
Roberta PolidoriTechnical Support and Testing
Patrick MajdaTechnical Support and Testing
Ettore PirazzoliTechnical Support and Testing
Stefano MenciTechnical Support and Testing
Paolo ImovilliTechnical Support and Testing
Alex MartelliTechnical Support and Testing
Allesandro BottoniTechnical Support and Testing
Kartik BalaramTechnical Support and Testing
Christina IgnacioTechnical Support and Testing
Mario TaddeiConcept movies
Studioddm sncConcept movies (Support Company)
Art IgnacioProject Coordination
Anand BalaramProject Coordination
Marc PrenskyProducer
Joe CostelloInspiration and Vision

The Monkey Wrench Conspiracy

Released: 1999

The Monkey Wrench Conspiracy "mod" puts you in the role of an intergalactic secret agent dispatched to deep space to rescue the Copernicus station from alien hijackers. It is a complete tutorial for a complex...