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They're creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky, and in trouble up to their ears! It seem that a nefarious real estate agent has designs on turning the family mansion into a high-rent amusement park, and the only way the Addams family can save their old haunt (no pun intended) is to win a court battle. Since courtroom dramas don't make for good video games, the object here is to help the well-meaning Addams clan locate the original ownership papers for the house in order to prove that the land is rightfully theirs. You'll be able to explore 30 massive levels of spooky territory making your way through the mansion, the high court, town hall, a greenhouse, a mineshaft, city streets, and more. There are plenty of power-ups available throughout the game, and each level sports a movie sequence featuring characters from the popular television series. You don't have to be even remotely strange or morbid to get plenty of thrills and chills from The New Addams Family.