How many days until The Ninja Warriors release date?

Game is already released

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The Ninja Warriors presents side-scrolling hand-to-hand combat. Players take control of Kunoichi (player 1) or Ninja (player 2) and fight wave after wave of Banglar forces across five levels. Button 1 attacks with a short-range kunai slash, while button 2 fires long-range shurikens that are limited in supply. Ninja and Kunoichi each have different combos — one to be executed normally, and another that can be performed while crouching — and specific moves such as dash attacks, throwing, stabbing and air strikes. On the screen, separate from the life bar, there is a special energy bar that fills itself as the main character progress. When full, the bar will allow the player to perform a special move. If the character suffers some damage, the special bar will reset, starting a new count-up.