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The Operative: No One Lives Forever (Credits)

Fox Interactive

Chris MillerProducer
Aaron BleanAssociate Producer
Tim HallAssociate Producer
Fox Quality Assurance Department
Don SextonQA Manager
Igor KrinitskiyQA Assistant Manager
Chris WilsonQA Lead
Tim HarrisonQA Co-Lead
Francis ChoiFox Test Team
Javier LagosFox Test Team
Joe LamasFox Test Team
Kerry MarshallFox Test Team
Aaron MinjaresFox Test Team
Arabian NazelFox Test Team
Young ParkFox Test Team
Luke ThaiFox Test Team
Ellen WilliamsFox Test Team
Special Thanks
Marisa PorterSpecial Thanks
Tim GodwinSpecial Thanks
CakewalkSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Van RikerSpecial Thanks
Triumph MotorcyclesSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Doc MartinsSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Brian Thomas (I)Special Thanks
Lisa FredstiSpecial Thanks
Kathleen CamplinSpecial Thanks
Dave MonroeSpecial Thanks
Mitzi MartinSpecial Thanks
AvalonSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
PanasonicSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Karly YoungSpecial Thanks
John DangelmansSpecial Thanks
Kyle PeschelSpecial Thanks
Jack Van LeerSpecial Thanks
Karen MangonSpecial Thanks
Dave RechSpecial Thanks
Dave ShawSpecial Thanks
Ivo GersovichSpecial Thanks
Luke LetiziaSpecial Thanks
Sung YooSpecial Thanks
Eric AsevoSpecial Thanks
Robert HayesSpecial Thanks
Brian HarveySpecial Thanks
3DFXSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Gamespy Industries Inc.Special Thanks (Support Company)
Joe FinettiSpecial Thanks

Monolith Productions

James AckleyLead Sound Designer
Scott Albaugh2D/3D Artist
Dan BerkeEngineer
Kevin FrancisEngine Engineer
Jim GeldmacherEngineer
Jon GramlichQA Lead
Chris HewettDirector of Development
Craig HubbardLead Game Designer
Eric KohlerCharacter Art Direction
Steve Lee2D Artist
Brian LongAI and Animation Engineer
David LongoLead 3D Artist
John MulkeyLevel Designer
Bob MunsilLevel Designer
Brian PamintuanSound Designer
Frank RookeLevel Designer
Sasha Runnels2D Artist
Samantha RyanProducer
Wes SaulsberryArt Lead
Kevin StephensLead Engineer
Akika Tanaka2D/3D Artist
Cessano ThrustonSound Design
Bill VandervoortLead Level Desiger
Special Thanks
Matt AllenSpecial Thanks
Kevin BaileySpecial Thanks
Rhett BaldwinSpecial Thanks
Andrea BarringerSpecial Thanks
Mark BrownSpecial Thanks
Wayne BurnsSpecial Thanks
Nadia EngSpecial Thanks
Ben ChamberlainSpecial Thanks
Ben ColemanSpecial Thanks
Courtney EvansSpecial Thanks
Israel EvansSpecial Thanks
Jay FullerSpecial Thanks
Bob GivninSpecial Thanks
Andy GrantSpecial Thanks
Jason Hall (I)Special Thanks
Nathan HendricksonSpecial Thanks
Peter HigleySpecial Thanks
Darren KormanSpecial Thanks
Gary KussmanSpecial Thanks
Kevin LambertSpecial Thanks
Spencer MaiersSpecial Thanks
Andy MattinglySpecial Thanks
Eric MinamotoSpecial Thanks
Dan MillerSpecial Thanks
Jonathan SteinSpecial Thanks
Dan ThibadeauSpecial Thanks
Jim TotaroSpecial Thanks
Brian WaiteSpecial Thanks
Sandra WatanabeSpecial Thanks
Kiyotaka YaguchiSpecial Thanks
Mike DussaultSpecial Thanks (whose contributins we cannot honor greatly enough)
Brad PendletonSpecial Thanks (Whose steafastness has served as an inspiration to us all)
Tim PollardSpecial Thanks (for his research ofn authentic coins)
Rachel BlackmanLithTech Contributor
Bryan BouwmanLithTech Contributor
Jonathan BranamLithTech Contributor
Jeff EverettLithTech Contributor
Terry FranguiadakisLithTech Contributor
Brian GobleLithTech Contributor
Toby GladwellLithTech Contributor
Adam HayekLithTech Contributor
Chris HedbergLithTech Contributor
Matthew ScottLithTech Contributor

Vivendi Universal Games

Sarita ChurchillPublisher
Koren BucknerPublisher
Neal JohnsonPublisher
Michelle Garnier-WinklerPublisher
Kathy Carter-HumphreysPublisher
Grace ChingPublisher
Miae KimPublisher
Michelle FerrellPublisher

Third Law Interactive

Larry HerringDeveloper
Matt HooperDeveloper
Will LocontoDeveloper
Mike MaynardDeveloper
Mark Morgan (I)Developer
David NamaksyDeveloper
Steve RescoeDeveloper
Jonathan WrightDeveloper

Monolith Productions

Guy WhitmoreComposer, Interactive Music Design
Rich RagsdaleTitle Track
Erik AhoDirectMusic Arranger, additional music composition
Nathan GriggDirectMusic Arranger, additional music composition
Tobin ButtramDirectMusic Arranger, additional music composition
Lori GoldstonCello (Badguy Theme)
GinoVocals (Morrocan Theme)
Becky KneubuhlAdditional Music Tracks
Doug NorwineFlute
Joe FinettiTrombone
Lee ThornbergTrumpet
Lisa KableVocals
Chris LeeGuitars
Asylum StudiosMixed and recordet at (Support Company)
Gabriel RutmanMixer and Recorder
Gabriel RutmanRemixer
Scotty ClausenRemixer
Voice and Motion Capture Artist
Jamil MullenMotion Capture Performer
Andrew HeffernanMotion Capture Performer
Jenna HawkinsMotion Capture Performer

The Operative: No One Lives Forever

86 /100

Released: 2000

No One Lives Forever is to be a fast-paced, story-driven first-person shooter that delivers over-the-top action, outrageous villains, and wry humor in the tradition of the great 1960's Bond films. You play Cate Archer...