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datacenters Review [10.0/10]

datacenter created

The game is great, I would call it Obsidian take on Mass Effect. So many outcomes and choices, that the games forces you to replay it out of curiosity. The maps are denser and really satisfying, there is noting misplaced and yes you can kill everyone and finish the game. There are different builds and I must admin that having a lot of bits can g...

Krckies Review [9.0/10]

Krcky created

The game reminds me of KOTOR in some ways. I really like how smooth everything is.

The illusion of choice [0.0/10]

sighalot created

Outer Worlds is a game i really wanted to like.. more. It's good for sure, but it made me realise i have a big issue with games lacking core protagonist. All the freedom of choice advertised, that you can be whatever you wish is great, if you know what to do with it. Unfortunately in my 15-18hr playthrough (i didn't finish it) that lead me to ju...

UAmen Review [7.0/10]

UAman created

An interesting, steelpunk mesh of Mass Effect and Fallout with Dishonored vibes. I enjoyed playing it quite a lot. However, balancing is rather off. I played on the second to last difficulty, and during almost all the playthrough, I felt quite overpowered.