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The Peresmeshnik

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Genre: Visual Novel

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

The player will take the role of Vektor Pavlov, a scientist aboard the Peresmeshnik during the Cold War. A creature has boarded the ship and is stalking the crew. As the player, you will make meaningful choices that will affect the outcome of the story as you navigate the halls of the Peresmeshnik and escape the terrors that stalk you. All while managing your paranoia. Will you trust your fellow crew-members? Or will you de... Read More

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The crew aboard the Soviet frigate, the Peresmeshnik, are all too familiar with loneliness. Days are spent on the cold desolate arctic sea, thousands of kilometres away from family, friends, and civilization. With no one to interact with besides each other for months on end, they know the true meaning of the word, "isolation." There is only one constant. The sea's cold and uncaring depths. It is said that the last frontier is space, but the crew is about to discover that the sea still hides a terrifying secret. Waiting to be found.