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Ri_Mumeis Review [7.0/10]

Ri_Mumei created

I wish it lasts longer. Plot was very interesting but unfortunately there is nothing new that we didin't see or read in other cyberpunk titles. Anyway, I love its vibe, characters are amazing and you can feel emotions through their interactions. Music in this game is so great I can listen to it all day long. Also I wish that minigames with servi...

JPoker98s Review [8.0/10]

JPoker98 created

For once in a long time, a video game has slapped me in the face. Not because of drama, tragedy or painstaking plot twists. It just showed me how easy is to fall in contradictions when it comes to ethics, morality (or whatever that was). The narrative is neatly crafted to deliver one of the most natural conversations in video games I've ever had...