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The Rocky Interactive Horror Show Game is a 1999 PC Video game. Released in March 1999 for the PC by On-Line PLC. Similarly to the earlier CRL game, the player plays as Brad or Janet and must rescue their partner from the castle. Unlike the older computer game, its gameplay was more puzzle-oriented, and benefited from the added detail, graphics, and live video sequences that the PC could provide. Despite this, it was criticised for a clumsy user interface and for using two-dimensional graphics, at a time when most games were using 2.5D. The game featured Richard O'Brien who pops up from time to time taunting the player, but he does not play "Riff-Raff" in the game. He also is a performer for songs from the play/film on the in-game jukebox. Well respected horror film legend Christopher Lee fills the shoes of Charles Gray as The Criminologist.