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The Room Two

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Genre: Adventure, Indie, Puzzle

Platforms: Android, iOS, PC (Microsoft Windows)

The Room Two continues the time-spanning journey of its predecessor while significantly expanding its unique puzzle gameplay. Follow a trail of cryptic letters from an enigmatic scientist known only as “AS” into a compelling world of challenging mystery and tactile exploration.

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The game's story continues from the previous title, in which the player is trapped in a mysterious Null-based dimension, and is following in the footsteps of an acquaintance (known only as "A.S.") who has discovered these boxes based on the Null element, which imbues them with supernatural properties. Through a series of notes, A.S. reveals his entrapment in this dimension; he has found rooms that are attached to others that have come in contact with Null, the material warping the reality around these self-contained rooms, yet linking them together. Passage is only possible when the puzzle is solved, revealing a piece of Null, which, when viewed with the player's eyepiece, reveals the next door. The letters from the friend tell the player-character to move through each room quickly, warning of the risk of insanity to those who are exposed to it too long. A.S. reveals that he had become too far gone to find an escape. While working within one of the rooms, the player discovers the body of A.S., who has been trapped with the rooms for many years due to the strange passage of time within Null. The player, on completing the final room, finds the exit leading back to the house where the first game started, but chased by tendrils of an evil entity using the Null. The player-character escapes the house in time as the tendrils cause parts of the house to implode, taking away the passage to Null with it.