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A graphic real-time adventure, exhaustively researched for authenticity! Journey back over 3,000 years to participate in this authentic drama accurately recreating the ancient Egyptian myth.

Time: Eleventh year of the reign of the Pharaoh Osiris.

Location: Upper and Low Kingdoms of Egypt.

Villains: Set, the God of Darkness and Harumheb, the High Priest.

Crime: Osiris is slain, on Set's instructions by Harumheb, aboard the royal barge. Set tears the body of Osiris into pieces and scatters it far and wide, where it is consumed by wild beasts and birds.

Problem: The souls of Osiris are banished to the frightful wastes of the Land of the Dead.

Your task: Accept the challenge to save the scattered souls of Osiris- his Seven Spirits of Ra.