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The SIlver Key

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Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

What would had happened if Lovecraft met Tim Burton and together made a game based in one of his stories ? Maybe they would do The Silver Key Game. Your spells have succeeded and you´ve just got through the first door to an unknown dimension, very different from the one you are used to. Your eyes have never seen scenarios such as the ones you are going to discover and your mind will have to be adaptive in order to immerse you... Read More

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At the age of fifty-four, Randolph Carter lost his hope to regain his ability of dreaming that he yearned so much, until one day he dreamt about his grandfather and learned of the silver key, a legacy from his ancestors. Carter knew in some way that the key would led him to his land of dreams. When he found the key in his attic next to an unintelligible scroll, he set out to Arkham, the city of his ancestors, and there, in the snake cave, he disappeared from the sight of man. Nobody knows what happened, some say he finally found a portal to his dreams and now he´s looking for the last door, inside a dimension full of mystery and threats. But there is one problem: Carter left the parchment that came with the key and he can only move forward if he remembers what was written in there.