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Decorate your family's homes with fun kids' bedroom sets and upscale living room furniture. Inspire Sim Kids' imaginations with playtime costumes like princesses and dragons or dress the entire family in matching attire for the perfect photo op. Enrich your Sims' lives with items the whole family can enjoy.

The Family Fun Stuff stuff pack lets you add a whole new selection of furniture, clothing, and home decor to your Sims 2 characters' world. The decor comes in several different themes, each of which is distinct. With this expansion pack you can turn your sims' house into a fantasy castle, complete with four poster beds and tapestries, or decide to make them pirate-loving deck hands with a nautical theme. Costumes come with each theme, letting you turn your sims into dragons, princesses, pirate captains, and more. The furniture matches the theme, so you can add items such as a captain's desk or a complete underwater kids' bedroom set to your nautical theme.