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RachelPhillips Review [6.0/10]

RachelPhillips created

Pretty funny and unique game. It started off really strong but after about 1.5 hours of game play it quickly grew repetitive and began to feel a little tedious. I might go back and try to get all the endings at some point, but I grew tired of it before the end of the day. I would recommend this game, but feel free to wait for a sale.

Player_Nostalgia Review [7.0/10]

Player_Nostalgia created

A quirky game about Stanley and a Narrator that's sometimes irritating but funny it's really good. Buy it you will be satisfied.

RoleplayeRs Review [9.0/10]

RoleplayeR created

This game will make fun of you for being a gamer, of itself for being a game and of every little thing about what we expect in a game after many years of playing them. Hillarious writing and awesome voice-acting. A must play. PS. Pretty short though. Like 4 minutes to beat it ;D

dfkennedies Review [3.0/10]

dfkennedy created

This game suffers primarily from a preoccupation with ~~C L E V E R N E S S~~. It actually aligns pretty closely to some of my personal game beliefs, such as not having any actual characters are story to speak of, but finds itself trapped in the very generic world of "Middle American Office Life Is Bad" sorts of cleverness that has not only been...

SystemNotFounds Review [7.0/10]

SystemNotFound created

This game is not so fun if you are expecting full action game instead you get philosophical walking simulator the game where you play as Stanley in limited office environment. The game deals with existentialism to the core of how you are as a person or game understand the narrative with guiding from voice narrator. Its simple fun walking simulat...

Fun for the whole family, but only you will get it. [10.0/10]

janosbiro created

This is the story of Stanley, a person trapped in a surreal world, the world of narrative videogames clichés, with the mysterious narrator as his only ally and adversary . Stanley Parable deals a lot with the issue of freedom, in games and in real life. We do have the options that we believe to have? To have many choices makes any difference?...