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The Station (Credits)

The Station

Kevin HarwoodCreative Director & Producer
Dave FracchiaExecutive Producer
Les NelkenDesign Director
Duncan WattAudio Director
John CostelloArt Director
Will deManbeyLead Programmer
Kevin HarwoodStory
Dave FracchiaStory
Kevin HarwoodScript
Kevin ElliotScript
Dave FracchiaAdditional Dialogue
Kevin HarwoodVoice Casting and Direction
Dave FracchiaVoice Casting and Direction
Mike TorilloVoice Casting and Direction
Mike TorilloProducer
Mike CarpenitoProducer
George VanousAssociate Producer
3D Artists
John Costello3D Environment Artist
Riley Hanlin3D Prop Artist
2D Artists
Ashley YoonLead UI & Concept Artist
Sabrina VelezConcept Artist
Yael Shapira2D Artist
Joey Zhang2D Artist
S. Gordon Harwood2D Artist
Oscar MedinaWeb Designer
Character Artists
Jeff Miller (I)3D Character Designer & Artist
Di He3D Character Designer & Artist
Elsa GallahanCharacter Designer
Ogi Grujic3D Model Rigger
Stefan BekolayAnimator
3rd Party Assets
Sean Van Gorder3rd Party Assets
Matt Dirks3rd Party Assets
Tanner Kalstrom3rd Party Assets
Mattias Van Camp3rd Party Assets
Javier Perez3rd Party Assets
Stefan Groenewould3rd Party Assets
Bennett SewellProgrammer and Tech Artist
Di WuProgrammer
Colin FletcherServer Engineer
Xinyuan ZhangWeb Programmer
Johnny JanzenWeb Programmer
Chris Berry (I)Programming Intern
Duncan WattSound Design and Audio Systems Design
Shuchen ZhangSound Design and Audio Implementation
Bennett SewellAudio Programming
Quality Assurance
Mike CarpenitoQA Manager/Lead
Brett CroweQA Tester
Riley HanlinQA Tester
Marketing & Creative Support
Cheryl SmithCommunity Manager
Valerie BourdeauPR Consultant
Jackie JaggerMarketing Consultant
Marc FrickerScience & Technology Consultant
Zac TrolleyScience & Technology Consultant
Motion Capture
Nicholas BohlingMotion Capture Actor
Shaun DowneyMotion Capture Actor

Fitchburg State University

Adam ChopTest Team
Chaz DeveneyTest Team
Jozlin Diaz-PattersonTest Team
Christopher DiRaffaeleTest Team
Harrison FisherTest Team
Kort FurmanTest Team
Tyler HoppTest Team
Olivia HoracekTest Team
Delton HulbertTest Team
Connor KneelandTest Team
Sam ParrTest Team
Randy PerezTest Team
Danielle SolomonTest Team
Luis ValleTest Team
Sabrina VelezTest Team
Nick ViscioneTest Team
Nathan WentworthTest Team
Tyler WhiteTest Team

The Station

Duncan WattOriginal Score
Mimi Page"A Lullaby for the Lonely" Writer, Producer and Performer
Mike PinteaConcept Artist, Creative Consultant & Backer
Nathan FrissonConcept Artist, Creative Consultant & Backer
Izaak LowdConcept Artist, Creative Consultant & Backer
Vlado JokicCreative Consultant & Backer
Jonathan PankratzCreative Consultant & Backer
John BeckelCreative Consultant & Backer
Peter AtkinCreative Consultant & Backer
Tom LantzCreative Consultant & Backer
Marco KonarCreative Consultant & Backer
David BroadCreative Consultant & Backer
Wil McLeanCreative Consultant & Backer
Amanda LawtonSpecial Thanks
Taylor LawtonSpecial Thanks
Canadian Space SocietySpecial Thanks (Support Company)
The Center for Digital mediaSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Fitchburg State UniversitySpecial Thanks (Support Company)

The Station

60 /100

Released: 2018

The Station is a first-person exploration game set on a space station sent to study a sentient alien civilization. Assuming the role of a recon specialist, players must unravel a mystery which will decide the fate of...