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The Technomancer (Credits)


Jehanne RousseauProduction Director
Caroline PieriniAdministrative Manager
Walid MiledProject Manager
Wilfried MalletTechnical Direction
Julien Le CorreLead Programmer
Tarik BelabbasEngine Programming
Romain BlanchaisEngine Programming
Léo GuirinecEngine Programming
Florent IsaiaEngine Programming
Julian LaluEngine Programming
Guillaume Munier-RichardEngine Programming
Mathieu SimonEngine Programming
Cyril TrevoanEngine Programming
Mathieu BouletJunior Programmer
Corentin BraugeJunior Programmer
Damien DelmasJunior Programmer
Guillaume GiusianoJunior Programmer
Charlotte LafageJunior Programmer
Donatien RabillerJunior Programmer
Gabriel RassoulJunior Programmer
Nassim RiviereJunior Programmer
Anthony SantanaJunior Programmer
Mathieu ScalaJunior Programmer
Cyril TahmassebiArt Direction
Camille BachmannConcept Art
Thomas BrissotConcept Art
Alexandre ChaudretConcept Art
Frederic Le MartelotConcept Art
Julien BriatteLead Character Artist
Julien Blanc3D Character Artist
Luter Ionov3D Character Artist
Anthony Lacroix3D Character Artist
Alexis DzimiraLead Environment Artist
Nicolas JeannotLead Environment Artist
Jérémy Delwarte3D Environment Artist
Anthony Elicki3D Environment Artist
Stéphane Fontaine3D Environment Artist
Camille Lallement3D Environment Artist
Marie Meirieu3D Environment Artist
Sylvain Nguyen3D Environment Artist
Renaud Thomas3D Environment Artist
Julien AllardAdditional Environment Assets
Arnaud BarbierAdditional Environment Assets
Julien BlancAdditional Environment Assets
Saïd BouaounAdditional Environment Assets
Mathieu GasperinAdditional Environment Assets
Frederic MichelAdditional Environment Assets
Hervé NedelecAdditional Environment Assets
Jean-Charles DoubletSpecial Effects
Stéphane ArsonGame User Interface
Alexis BauzetGame User Interface
Arnaud BeaumeLead Animation
Caroline DomergueAnimation
Arthur MunozAnimation
Mathieu PalletAnimation
Sébastien GraillleJunior Animator
Sébastien Di RuzzaGameplay Manager
Jocelyn GarciaGame Design
Stéphane VersiniGame Design
Sébastien Di RuzzaLevel and Quest Design
Nicolas DucartLevel and Quest Design
Tristan TruchotLevel and Quest Design
Thomas RofidalLevel and Quest Design
Sylvain PrunierLead Sound Design
Carl MalherbeAudio Integration Associate
Olivier DeriviereMusic Composition and Supervision
Nicolas de FerranMusic Editor
Nicolas BrasMusic Performer
Charlie DalinMusic Performer
Benjamin CailaudMusic Recording and Mixing
Marion DerivièreMusic Executive Producer
Sylvain PrunierTheme from Mars - War Logs
Jehanne RousseauUniverse, Script-Writing and Dialogues
Louis GuilleminTesting
Merlin IsmetTesting
Julien CardouxTesting
Sylvain FarrugiaTesting
Marie-Pierre BlanchaisSpecial Thanks
Maëlet Lou BriatteSpecial Thanks
Margaux GarciaSpecial Thanks
Gaëlle PaterneSpecial Thanks
Galadrielle SteinerSpecial Thanks
Caroline VilaldachSpecial Thanks

Focus Home Interactive

Cédric LagarriguePresident
Thomas BarrauMarketing
Tom ButlerMarketing
Tristan HauvetteMarketing
Xavier AssématMarketing
Adrien RotondoMarketing
Michael DouseMarketing
Sing-Fun ShekMarketing
Sébastien GoyensMarketing
Sylbain Le RouxMarketing
Nicolas WeilMarketing
Pierre GonzalvezMarketing
Boris Kohler-NudelmontMarketing
Julie BeilotoMarketing
Luc HeningerGame Production
Mohad SemlaliGame Production
Nathalie PhungGame Production
Thierry ChingGame Production
Florent DiHervéGame Production
Théophile GaudronGame Production
Maxime BèjatGame Production
Quentin BriandGame Production
Guillaume CollinGame Production
Stéphanie LaunoyGame Production
Aurélien FerdouetGame Production
Laurent HueGame Production
Xavier MarotGame Production
Paul ChagnonGame Production
Marie-Caroline Le VaconPress Relations
John BertBusiness & Sales Manager
Aurélie RodriguesBusiness & Sales Manager
Aline JanzekovicBusiness & Sales Manager
Vincent ChataignierBusiness & Sales Manager
Yann Le GuellautBusiness & Sales Manager
Vincent DuhnenBusiness & Sales Manager
Charlotte DerquennesBusiness & Sales Manager
Yeldy GustaveBusiness & Sales Manager
Olga NesmiyanovaBusiness & Sales Manager
Fançois WeytensGraphic Designers
Adrien GionGraphic Designers
Hugo DavidGraphic Designers
Maxime GuémonMedia & Video Producer
Mélina GaryMedia & Video Producer
Emmanuel GorinsteinMedia & Video Producer
Rattany SaimMedia & Video Producer
Damien DucaWeb Designer
Alexis LavigneWeb Designer
Dimitri RobertWeb Designer
Gilles GarresWeb Designer
Jean-Joseph GarciaIT Department
Nicolas DieppedalleIT Department
Kevin GuilleminotIT Department
Ugo RibaudQuality Assurance
Marie-Thérése NguyenQuality Assurance
Alexandre KapustaQuality Assurance
Paul FiatQuality Assurance
Florian GenestQuality Assurance
Camille BizetQuality Assurance
Léo MillotQuality Assurance
Alan VitigeQuality Assurance
Guilaume De CesareQuality Assurance
Stéphane De Jesus PedroQuality Assurance
Arthur BiaieckiQuality Assurance
Lat Dior ThiamQuality Assurance
Logan JeannyQuality Assurance
Tom DelacouteQuality Assurance
Jérémy FelixQuality Assurance
Virgile LionsQuality Assurance
Pierre WittemerQuality Assurance
Clément RomagnyQuality Assurance
Jolan ReynaudQuality Assurance
Karl LecomteQuality Assurance
Matthieu NolletQuality Assurance
Aurore GarciaQuality Assurance
Achille SamieQuality Assurance
Benjamin MorignyQuality Assurance
Miguel Rey GarciaEnglish Editor
Nathalie JérémieAccountancy - Company Management & HR
Maureen BolgerAccountancy - Company Management & HR
Thomas HoyerAccountancy - Company Management & HR
Jessica GiraudAccountancy - Company Management & HR
Lasconie Lukusa M.Accountancy - Company Management & HR
Céline CarlettiAccountancy - Company Management & HR
Dusmane NdiayeAccountancy - Company Management & HR
Hélène DefosseAccountancy - Company Management & HR
Christophe AmiraultAccountancy - Company Management & HR
Klodiana PickeneAccountancy - Company Management & HR
Nirmala ChanemougameAccountancy - Company Management & HR
Marina BanicAccountancy - Company Management & HR
Deborah BellangéChief Financial Officer


Translation, Scriptwriting, Casting and Voice Production
Timothy CubbisonHead of Casting and Production
Austin SnyderProduction Manager
Nick BennettLead Scriptwriter
Alan FuWriting Team
Jake GaskillWriting Team
Aramis GreyWriting Team
Youssou CisséWriting Team
Brenda Marie PhillipsCasting Associate
Bennett SmithVoice Director
Dustin BurfordDialogue Recordist
Dan MontesDialogue Recordist
Mark De La FuenteDialogue Recordist
Samantha BrownProduction Coordinator
Jake GaskillProduction Coordinator
J. David AthertonDialogue Editor
Greg SaisDialogue Editor
David SaisDialogue Editor
Clint CorleyAudio QA
Stephanie KomureAudio QA
Cesar MarencoAudio QA
Tucker S. ElliottProduction Intern

Alvernia Studio

Piotr GamracyMotion Capture Producer
Lukasz ZawlockiTechnical Direction
Tomasz KowalczykMotion Capture Technician
Marta MarzęckaActor - Stunt Artist
Slawomir KurekActor - Stunt Artist
Maciej KwiatkowskiActor - Stunt Artist


Rémi BrunMotion Capture Producer
Alexandre GomisTechnical Direction
Marcel GonzalezActor
Romain OgereauActor
Christel WalloisActor
AudiovisualItalian Localization (Support Company)
AudiovisualSpanish Localization (Support Company)
toneworx GmbHGerman Localiation (Support Company)

The Technomancer

80 /100

Released: 2016

The Technomancer is a new post-apocalyptic RPG set in a cyberpunk world for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC set on Mars during the War of Water, where an aspiring Technomancer faces a myriad of questions as his future...