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The Witcher

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Genre: Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac

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Being based on a novel series by Andrzej Sapkowski – a bestselling Polish author – gives the game’s universe and characters credibility, authority and exceptional cohesiveness. In this harsh fantasy world abstract, absolute and unconditional ideas such as “Good” and “Evil” written in upper case letters do not exist. Instead, however, while moral good exists , the protagonist will often only have a choice between two evils, dec... Read More

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Good 90%

The Witcher's story surprised me. There are many themes in this game: politics, sex, alchemy, magic, destiny, the holy grail, mutants… I had no previous knowledge of the Witcher universe, but its amazing. Geralt is smart and charming. The game makes you feel like your choices matter, it even makes you feel guilt about them later. Except about the way you treat women, where sexist attitudes are rewarded, unfortunately. The Witcher is series from ... Read More

Positive points
+ Great story + Interesting setting + Well written dialogues + Balanced quests, including some puzzles + Nice character system (considering the limitations of the engine) + Includes an Adventure Edito... Read More
Negative points
- Some glitches and other engine limitations
- Combat sometimes gets boring with so many monsters
- There are some holes in the narrative
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Fair 70%

Story, characters and atmosphere in this game, is nothing short of amazing.

however, the gameplay is very lacking and clunky.


The game begins when Geralt of Rivia, one of a few remaining "witchers" – traveling monster hunters for hire, gifted with unnatural powers, is transported to the witcher stronghold of Kaer Morhen by fellow witchers who had discovered him unconscious in a field. Geralt remembers almost nothing of his life before that point. He is taken to Kaer Morhen, the base of the witchers, where he meets a sorceress named Triss Merigold. The castle is attacked by a gang of bandits named Salamandra, led by a criminal known as the Professor, a mage named Savolla who controls a large, praying mantis-like monster, and another mage named Azar Javed. The witchers and the sorceress manage to slay the monster and kill Savolla, but the Professor and Azar manage to escape with the mutagens that genetically alter the witchers. After curing Triss of the wounds she received while fighting Javed, Geralt and the rest of the witchers head off in different directions in order to find information on Salamandra.