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The Witness (Credits)

Wabi Sabi Sound

Andrew LackeyAudio
Beau Anthony JimenezAudio
Geoff GarnettAudio
Luca FusiAudio
Eric LorenzAudio


Jonathan BlowDesign
Ignacio CastañoProgramming
Salvador Bel MurcianoProgramming
Andrew SmithProgramming
Luis AntonioModeling and Texturing
Orsolya SpanyolModeling and Texturing
Eric A. AndersonModeling and Texturing

FOURM Design Studio

Deanna Van BurenArchitecture
Rodrigo LimaArchitecture

Fletcher Studio

David FletcherArchitecture
Nicolaus WrightArchitecture
Beth BokulichArchitecture


Shannon GalvinAdditional Contributions in Modeling
Alex HaworthAdditional Contributions in Modeling
Andrea BlasichAdditional Contributions in Modeling
Eric UrquhartAdditional Contributions in Modeling
David HellmanAdditional Contributions in Modeling
Casey MuratoriAdditional Contributions in Programming
Andrew HynekAdditional Contributions in Programming
Nicholas RayAdditional Contributions in Programming
Jeff RobertsSpecial Thanks
Daniel MacielSpecial Thanks

Warner Bros. Studios

Emma WestonProject Manager
Pierce O'TooleCasting Director
Liam O'BrienVoice Over Director
Alan FreedmanSound Engineer
R. Dutch HillSound Engineer
Goeun LeeDialogue Editor


Caroline HarrisonDirector of Photography for the office shoot
Trisha MillerEarly Placeholder Voicework
Andrew BurlinsonEarly Placeholder Voicework
Daniel Van ThomasEarly Placeholder Voicework
Tom BissellStory Consultant

Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI)

Nick SuttnerSpecial Thanks
Adam BoyesSpecial Thanks
Justin MassongillSpecial Thanks
Alessandro BovenziSpecial Thanks

The Witness

84 /100

Released: 2016

The Witness is an exploration-puzzle game. The game is being developed by a small, independent team, a mix of full-timers and contractors.