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Remus Review [10.0/10]

Remus created

Probably my favorite game from Telltale, and they did make a lot of awesome games...

BrendonMios Review [9.0/10]

BrendonMio created

A choices-matter game on a world of fables, where the fables we all know live peacefully. Is that so? With a series of murders, the city slowly starts to reveal the filthy place it is.

acnaris Review [10.0/10]

acnari created

This game! This was the first Telltale game I played, which is probably a bad thing since it has to be the best that they've made yet for their episodic games. I have played others and enjoyed them, but this game really does come out on top for me. The storyline is incredibly gripping, and really draws you in. What I love is you really feel that...

RoleplayeRs Review [7.0/10]

RoleplayeR created

Great story in a very unusual setting. If you have enjoyed Telltale's previous adventure experiences you will most likely love this one too. The gameplay is pretty basic (well, duh), you select dialogue titles and sometimes do QTE, which seem to be impossible to fail. It is most certainly not the strong part of the game, but it will do. The stro...

TheFredobars Review [10.0/10]

TheFredobar created

I really love telltale games. Based on Fables, a fantastic comic series by vertigo. The wolf among us is a gritty film noir detective story, set in the upper west side of Manhatton and starring characters from fairy tails and folklore, even some from the wizard of oz and other pop culture fantasy stories. The story is great, well paced and gripp...