The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is a five episode series from the creators of the 2012 Game of the Year: The Walking Dead. Based on Fables (DC Comics/Vertigo), an award-winning comic book series, it is an often violent, mature and hard-boiled thriller...

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Review: RoleplayeRs Review

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Great story in a very unusual setting. If you have enjoyed Telltale's previous adventure experiences you will most likely love this one too. The gameplay is pretty basic (well, duh), you select dialogue titles and sometimes do QTE, which seem to be impossible to fail. It is most certainly not the strong part of the game, but it will do. The strong part is the story, set in rich setting of Fabletown, the town where all the Fables (characters from stories, myths and so on) live in modern times. You play as a hard-ass Big Bad Wolf (or sheriff Bigby Wolf, whatever you like) going through the story to unravel a series of mysterious events. The dialogues are great, characters are interesting, the ending is pretty spectacular. Actually the ending is so good, that the community still can't decide what happened :D

Anyway, if you can handle a game being not much of a game, but more like a TV series with some interaction, this surely is a must play.


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