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There Came an Echo

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Genre: Indie, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy

Platforms: PlayStation Network, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Microsoft Windows)

Ender Wiggin. Admiral Ackbar. That dude who commands the G.I. Joes. These totally rad commanders knew that battles are won not by a single footsoldier, but by issuing precise commands that put their units in position to achieve victory. In There Came an Echo, follow in those commanders' footsteps by giving orders to Corrin Webb (Wil Wheaton) and his squadmates in a unique real-time strategy experience. Using an advanced voic... Read More

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Fair 72%

You will be manning the character named Sam, an awesome strategist who aids Val (Voiced by Ashly Bruch) in saving Corrin (Voiced by Wil Wheaton), a dull developer by day but a brilliant cryptographer by night, from being abducted. Along Corrin’s quest for the truth he comes across several characters. While some are awesome and witty *coughAdamcough*, and others who are just plain dull, Miranda, there’s enough voice acting to go around. Every sin... Read More


Corrin, an ordinary cryptographer, is thrown into a deadly game of secret agendas when a group of mercenaries tracks him down in Santa Monica, California. Guided by the mysterious Val (Ashly Burch), Corrin must escape from a foe with seemingly limitless resources and discover what secrets his own unbreakable algorithm, Radial Lock, is safeguarding...information that, if released, will rattle the very foundations of reality itself. Also starring Laura Bailey, Yuri Lowenthal, Cassandra Morris, Rachel Robinson, and Cindy Robinson.