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Tiny Bullets

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Genre: Adventure, Platform, Puzzle

Platforms: PlayStation

Tiny Bullets is an action-adventure game that plays remarkably similar to Tomb Raider. Horin has a variety of actions he can perform, including jumping, climbing, swinging on poles, pushing blocks, shooting things with his slingshot, and even picking up and throwing small objects. Making his way through different areas, he must fight with monsters, as well as avoid and escape traps. He can also find and store a variety of item... Read More

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One day, a boy named Horin was out on an errand for his grandmother. He was heading to the next village to purchase medicine, which by foot was half a day from his village. He was told not to take the path through Mt. Curse. But everyone in the village looks down on Horin, and he figures if he can make it through Mt. Curse, then maybe he'll start to get a little respect. But he was a little worried; after all, legend says that there are terrible monsters living there. What to do, what to do?

So of course, while he's pondering whether or not to make the journey, an earthquake splits the ground beneath his feet, with the only path leading towards Mr. Curse. There's only one thing he can do now...