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Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!

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Genre: Platform, Sport

Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

A platformer based on the Tiny Toon Adventures cartoon series by Warner, where you play as Buster.

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Fair 70%

Went into this thinking it was going to have a password system but lo and behold I didn't get one damn password the entire time- luckily it was a VERY easy game- too easy- no real challenge. Pretty colorful but the music was repetitive though professional. Varied stages weren't enough though- could've been better. Score Breakdown "The Tale" Story- 4 Pacing- 7 Characters- 6 Originality- 8 Linearity- 4 Length- 8 Epicness- 6 "The Presentation" ... Read More

Positive points
Ease of Use- very easy and simple controls that are extremely forgiving, and of course the stages and scenarios are bare bones which makes getting through it a breeze.
Negative points
Story- there's barely a narrative stitched together for all the different stages here. Even for a cartoon game it's pretty stupid. Linearity- even though the stages are fairly easy, there's almost NO... Read More