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Releasing: June 30, 2001

Can these cartoon cuties ever catch a break? Not in this tough game for the Game Boy Color. It seems that the nefarious Max has kidnapped the TINY TOONS bunch and imprisoned them somewhere on the campus of ACME Loonyversity. Buster is the only Toon that has managed to evade Max, and now you've got to help him rescue the other characters before it's too late. Guide everyone's favorite wisecracking rabbit through multiple stages of adventures, armed only with his ability to think quickly and hop. ACME Loonyversity makes for an excellent video game setting, using the campus as a springboard to utter hilarity. There are plenty of familiar faces along the journey, as well as a handful of power-ups to make your task a little less daunting. Designed specifically to appeal to younger gamers, cartoon fanatics, and folks with an offbeat sense of humor, Buster Saves the Day is one rollicking good time.