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The Guardian: To the Moon – review

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Emotive [7.0/10]

JasonArturoVegaAcuña created

Story 9/10 The concept of the game is interesting, it manages to tell a very emotional story based on memory, it knows how to be comical and dramatic when it should be. It also touches on very identifiable issues: that either one can interfere in the life of another person or the meaning of happiness, who would like to fulfill their dreams befo...

A game to make you cry. [10.0/10]

janosbiro created

To the Moon is a very different kind of game made with RPG Maker. The main objective of the game is to create an emotional effect, and it is very successful in doing that. It is about finding your way to reconnect with a lost love, even when everything is broken. It is about healing by dealing with memories from the past, and about the sacrifice...

WrytXanders Review [7.0/10]

WrytXander created

The story is pretty great and full of interesting and bold themes and impressive twists and plot developments. Also the ending, though I found it to be too uplifting at first, is just the right amount of sweet-bittersweet when you think about it. However the writing is spotty and a bit inconsistent, while the game's "game" nature is still in que...

TheFredobars Review [8.0/10]

TheFredobar created

This was a really moving short story. I loved the premise (two scientists altering a dying man's memories so he can die happy). The story was really well done with entertaining dialogue and likeable characters. It also treated some important topics, such as end of life care and autism, with a lot of sensitivity intelligence. The only drawbacks I...