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Genre: Puzzle, Simulator

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android

Together is a multiplatform 3D puzzle game where players enter the world of the qubits, and help Harmon, the Aspect of Harmony, bring them back together and restore their social unity by solving block puzzles.

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You wake up disoriented and wet in a place you don't quite recognize. Hi! Awake yet? - soon you are introduced to Harmon, the Aspect of Harmony, a deity in th world of the qubits. The qubits are singular creatures that live in a society that values unity and each other above all, but lately things have changed.

Something is disturbing the peace and making qubits afraid of or angry with each other. Where there was once trust there's now only doubt and fear, sadness instead of joy, courge has turned to anger and lies obscure knowledge and truth. Not being able to interfere directly, Harmon entrusts you with the responsability, and some of his power, to help all qubits regain Harmony once again and find out the reason for their recent troubles.