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Releasing: April 10, 2014

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is a Japanese adventure game that includes adventure game and visual novel gameplay, as well as strategy role-playing elements. The visual novel half will cover chatting with other students and teachers, with a unique art style that has the illustrated characters constantly moving and shifting. Instead of conversation trees, however, players will adjust the flow of conversation by combining one of five emotions (such as love) and one of the five senses (touch, smell etc). In the action parts, players can lay out traps and sensors on a map that will help them both figure out enemy movement and deal some damage should the foes stumble into their traps. These cost money though, and the predictions of where the ghosts will be exactly may be wrong. In a twist, the game swaps between players planning their move for the turn on a battle map and a “camera feed” from each character’s head as they move around.