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Jokerloccos Review [7.0/10]

Jokerlocco created

This analysis is in Spanish (my original language) and in English / Este análisis esta en español (mi idioma nativo) y en inglés con la ayuda del traductor de Google. [ENGLISH] Despite being from Ubisoft, I can assure you that this game is very good. If you are a person who likes to play competitively, I recommend it. It is a very realistic gam...

mistasantos Review [10.0/10]

mistasantos created

Amazing tactical FPS. Forget all of your past experiences with FPSs, you'll need to revamp yourself for this one. This is no CoD, Battlefield or CSGO. Rainbow Six Siege is special on it's own. You have a roster of 50+ operators, divided by attack on defense, each one with is own unique gadgets that will help you with your job of pushing into ...

ZUPERFLies Review [9.0/10]

ZUPERFLY created

This game is amazing. Once I started playing it with my friends, it became impossible to play anything else. It's super addictive and fun. I enjoy the strategy side of it. Much more tactical than other FPS. It does take forever to get into a game. And the game crashes a lot. Plenty of server issues. In the pro league tournament for this game th...