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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (Credits)

Ubisoft Montreal

Splinter Cell Port Team
Mathieu FerlandSenor Producer - Port
Maxime BélangerAssociate Producer - Port
Jean-François PrévostLead Programmer - Port
Dany LepageProgrammer - Port
Fengquan WangProgrammer - Port
Alexandre DionneProgrammer - Port
David ChabotProgrammer - Port
Cyrille LauzonIntern Programmer - Port
Yanick MimeeProgrammer Collaboration - Port
Hugo AllaireProgrammer Collaboration - Port
Alain TurcotteProgrammer Collaboration - Port
Yannick LetourneauProgrammer Collaboration - Port
Francis TremblayData Manager - Port
Alexandre St-LouisIntegration Collaboration - Port
Daniel BérubéGame Design Collaboration - Port
Mathieu BérubéGame Design Collaboration - Port
Marc Bouchard3D Artist - Port
Yves Allaire3D Artist - Port
Sébastien Hébert3D Artist - Port
Thierry Laberge3D Artist - Port
The Chinh Ngo3D Artist - Port
Marek Bogdan3D Artist - Port
François Pelland3D Artist - Port
Véronique GuilbaultInterface Designer - Port
Fabien NoëlSound Game Designer - Port
David LevesqueCompatibility Lab Tester - Port
Jason AlleyneCompatibility Lab Tester - Port
David DeschénesQuality Assurance - Port
Patrick DufortQuality Assurance - Port
Yan GagnonQuality Assurance - Port
Ahmad JamousQuality Assurance - Port
Martin AsnongQuality Assurance - Port
Jean-François DessureaultQuality Assurance - Port
Creative Team
Mathieu FerlandSenior Producer
Reid SchneiderSenior Producer
Roxane GosselinAssociate Producer
François CoulonOriginal Creation
Hugo DallaireArt Director
Antoine DodensLead Programmer
François PellandLead Artist / Lead Level Design
Steve DupontAnimation Art & Technical Director / Lead Animator
Martin CayaLead Character Artist / Character Concept Artist
JT PettyScriptwriter
Nathan WolffLead Game Designer
Fabien NoëlSound Game Designer
Marc BouchardTechnical Director 3D Art
François CoulonAssociate Producer / Creative Director
Annemarie GabrieleProduction Assistant
Frederic BlaisProgrammer
David ChabotProgrammer
Mathieu LaforceProgrammer
Yannick LetourneauProgrammer
Yanick MimeeProgrammer
Alain TurcotteProgrammer
David KalinaProgrammer
Hugo AllaireProgrammer Collaboration
Chris GripeosProgrammer Collaboration
Matthew ClarkeIntern Programmer
François SchellingIntern Programmer
Jonathan AbenhaimAnimator (In Game)
James HumphreysAnimator (In Game)
Bourbaki JosephAnimator (In Game)
Frederic PoirierAnimator (In Game)
Benoit SaumureAnimator (In Game)
Marek Bogdan3D Artist
John Bigorgne3D Artist
The Chinh Ngo3D Artist
Aline Desruisseaux3D Artist
Mathieu Fecteau3D Artist
Sébastien Hébert3D Artist
Thierry Laberge3D Artist
Sébastien Beaulieu3D Artis Collaboration
Christian Bédard3D Artis Collaboration
Carol Bertrand3D Artis Collaboration
Carl Lavoie3D Artis Collaboration
Yves AllaireTexture Artist
Dany BergeronSFX Artist
Veronique GuilbaultInterface Designer
David BlazetichCharacter Artist
David GiraudCharacter Artist
Kenjo AokiCharacter Artist Collaboration
Éric BelisleCharacter Artist Collaboration
Karine FortinCharacter Artist Collaboration
Emile GhorayebCharacter Artist Collaboration
Clint HockingGame Designer / Scriptwriter
Neil AlphonsoLevel Designer
Mathieu BérubeLevel Designer
Ed ByrneLevel Designer
Sébastien GalameauLevel Designer
Clint HockingLevel Designer
Hugo PotvinLevel Designer
Chris Smith (I)Level Designer Collaboration
Jean-Robert MichelLocalization
Jonathan GosselinSound Integrator
Sylvain CôtéIntegrator Collaboration
François de BillyLead Modeler (Cinematics)
Daniel BordeleauModeler (Cinematics)
Steve FraserModeler (Cinematics)
Thierry LabergeModeler (Cinematics)
Martin SabranModeler (Cinematics)
Simon TremblayModeler (Cinematics)
Michael YeomansModeler (Cinematics)
David BlazetichCharacter Artist
David GiraudCharacter Artist
Stephen GreenbergAnimator (Cinematics)
Patrick PelletierAnimator (Cinematics)
James HumphreysAnimator (Cinematics)
Jean-Thierry RoyAnimator Collaboration (Cinematics)
François RoyerAnimator Collaboration (Cinematics)
Miguel-Angel MartinPre-Rendered Cinematics Editor
Patrick Sirois2D Artist
Wayne MurrayStorbyoarder
Francois RinguettePlanning Coordinator
Stéphane CardinMarketing Research Cooridnator
Quality Assurance
David DeschenesLead Tester
Pierre-Yves SavardAssistant Lead Tester
Martin AsnongTester
Jean-Dominic AudetTester
Raymond BrunetteTester
Miguel CanepaTester
Stéphane CharbonneauTester
Patrick CharlandTester
Alain ChenierTester
Jean-François DessureaultTester
Marc-André DessureaultTester
Philippe DionTester
Patrick DufortTester
Pascal ÉmardTester
Mathieu FortinTester
Yannick FrancoeurTester
Yan GagnonTester
Olivier GauthierTester
Alexandre GriersonTester
Felix HardyTester
Ahmad JamousTester
Mathieu LachanceTester
Mathieu LaurinTester
Eric LaperriereTester
Frédéric OuelletTester
Luc PlanteTester
Marc-Andre ProulxTester
François QuidozTester
Jo-Ashley RobertTester
Daniel SarrazinTester
Patrick SauvageauTester
Bruno St-LaurentTester
Martin TavernierTester
Allen TremblayTester
Bruno BellavanceSpecial Thanks
Varoline CantinSpecial Thanks
Derek ChanSpecial Thanks
Nicolas DavidtsSpecial Thanks
Patrick FillionSpecial Thanks
Marc FortierSpecial Thanks
Mike GrassoSpecial Thanks
Julie LachanceSpecial Thanks
Didier LordSpecial Thanks
Caroline MartinSpecial Thanks
John StaffordSpecial Thanks
Jean-Francis TétraultSpecial Thanks
Ubisoft Montreal
Martin TremblayCEO
Michel CartierVP Production / Operations
Gregoire GobbiVP Editorial
Gilles MonteilDirector of Animation Studio
Jean-Sebastien MorinDirector of 3D Artist Studio
Maxime BélangerDirector of Game Design / Level Design Studio
Nicolas RiouxDirector of Programming Studio
Jérémi ValiquetteDirector of Programming Studio
Eric TremblayDirector of Quality Assurance
Henri LaporteDirector of Planning
Stephane RonseSound Programmer
Richard MaloSound Programmer
Christian LachanceSound Programmer
Alexandre CarlottiSound Programmer
Jean-François GuaySound Programmer
Frédéric LaporteQA Platform Specialist
Antoine ThisdaleQA Platform Specialist
Yann ProvenchetQA Platform Specialist
Ludovic MuratQA Platform Specialist
Sound Production
Simon PresseyTechnical Director / Sound Engineer
Michael Richard PlowmanMusic Composer
Mathieu VanasseMusic Artistic Director
André ChaputSound Editor - Ambience and SFX
DanetracksWeapons Sound Design and Effects (Support Company)
Richard AdrianSupervising Sound Designer
Christopher AlbaSound Designer
Eryne PrineSound Effects Editor
Eddie Kim (I)Sound Effects Editor
John Paul FasselEffects Field Recordist
Olivier Germain2nd Sound Engineer
Tchae MeasrochFoley Artist
Nicholas GrimwoodVoice Editor
Daran NadraVoice Editor
Richard M. DumontVoice Director

Ubisoft Entertainment

Yves GuillemotPresident & CEO
Christine Burgess-QuemardInternational Production Director
Serge HascoëtInternational Content Director
International Content Team
Alexis NolentScript Supervisor
Gunther GalipotGame Design
Lionel RaynaudPlay-Tests
Travis GetzEditorial Coordination
Sophie PendariesEditorial Coordination
Michel PierfitteEditorial Coordination
Nicolas SchoenerEditorial Coordination
Marketing Canada
Steve GagnéCanada Brand Manager
Marketing US
Tony KeeUS Vice President of Marketing
Helene JuguetUS Group Brand Manager
Xavier FouilleuxUS Brand Manager
Marketing EMEA
Laurence BuissonEMEA Marketing Director
Laura HattonEMEA Marketing Group Manager
Johanne GrangeEMEA Brand Manager
Stephane CatherineLocal Brand Manager
Owen HughesLocal Brand Manager
Ronald KaulbachLocal Brand Manager
Marcel KeijLocal Brand Manager
Soren LassLocal Brand Manager
Vanessa LeclercqLocal Brand Manager
Javier MontoroLocal Brand Manager
Sara-Louise PeltonLocal Brand Manager
Stefano RigattieriLocal Brand Manager
Yannick ThelerLocal Brand Manager
Vincent MunozSpecial Thanks
Jean-Sébastien FereyLocalization Project Manager
Cécile DelaroueFrench Translation
Eric HolweckFrench Translation
La Marque RoseRecording Studio - French (Support Company)
Wave GenerationPost-Processing - French (Support Company)
Paint OrguePost-Processing - French (Support Company)
PartnertransGerman Translation (Support Company)
PartnertransGerman QA (Support Company)
Local TransitItalian Translation (Support Company)
Local TransitItalian Recording (Support Company)
DL MultimediaSpanish Translation (Support Company)
DL MultimediaSpanish Recording (Support Company)

Imaginary Forces

Main Title Sequence
Mikon van GastelCreative Director
Steve FullerDesigner
Mike JakobDesigner
Sal MidoloCG Artist
Jason WebbEditor
Saffron KennyExecutive Producer
Lisa VillamilProducer
Joanna FillieProduction Coordinator

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

84 /100

Released: 2002

Infiltrate terrorists' positions, acquire critical intelligence by any means necessary, execute with extreme prejudice, and exit without a trace!

You are Sam Fisher, a highly trained secret operative of the NSA's...