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osmarcampbells Review [10.0/10]

osmarcampbell created

Gostei muito fiz. Fiz 100% em poucos dias e achei divertido jogar e buscar as coisas. Tinha um bom equilibrio entre tiros e puzzles, nada de outro mundo. 28/03/20

joalllucas Review [10.0/10]

joalllucas created

Tomb Raider é um jogo incrível e, mesmo antes de finalizá-lo, ele já havia tomado um lugar na minha lista de favoritos. O jogo se sai bem em vários aspectos onde a maioria dos jogos mais recentes pecam, como exploração e utilização do cenário e balanceamento entro ação e história. No entanto, o que mais chama a atenção positivamente para o títul...

Great! [8.4/10]

ZUPERFLY created

This game is awesome. The story is fantastic. Very intense and action packed. It's like watching a movie. The story is that great. Lara Croft makes Indiana Jones look weak. The pain she endures and the nonsense she goes through is crazy. The gameplay was nice. No annoying controlling mishaps. And it flowed nicely. The graphics were fantastic. ...

A Survivor Rises [8.0/10]

SystemNotFound created

One thing that surprises me that when my wife told me about most of games I play involve killing people. And that is not good thing. So it is just me. I just recently finished this game, its about a brave unskilled young lady stranded in mysterious island with her peers in searching artifacts where my wife likes watching me playing the game. ...