Age Rating for Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai

This is a real-time strategy game in which players execute military campaigns in 19th-century Japan. From distant or zoomed-in views, players arrange soldiers (e.g., infantry, cavalry, archers) around each battlefield, and then observe them in action. Conflicts are highlighted by realistic gunfire, battle cries, sword-clanging sounds, and explosions. Various animations also depict battle scenes and sword duels. In one cutscene, blood droplets appear on a map; another still-frame sequence depicts blood stains on impaled soldiers. Players can also utilize Geisha units for assassination or espionage missions, and some on-screen text describes their profession: “[T]hey were decorous escorts, not prostitutes” and “A geisha was unlikely to become sexually involved with any of her customers . . .” The dialogue also contains sexual references (e.g., “It is beyond my understanding why these foul beasts come to Japan, other than for rape, pillage, and loot” and “[P]erhaps it is their whores to pleasure us to death!”). During the course of the game, players can acquire an opium pipe to randomly boost their status (e.g., “Those who chase the dragon often become the prey.”). The word “sh*t” appears in dialogue. Platform: Windows PC, Linux, Macintosh Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB