Source:Youtube (retrieved: 2014-11-03)

Transistor (Credits)

Supergiant Games

Amir RaoDesign
Gavin SimonEngineering
Greg KasavinDesign & Writing
Andrew WangEngineering
Darren KorbMusic & Sound
Jen ZeeArt
Michael AilshieStudio Operations
Chris JurneyEngineering
Camilo VanegasModeling & Animation
Josh BarnettUI & Visual Effects
Morgan WrenQuality Assurance
Asheley BarrettVocals
Cliff FreyAdditional Programming
Earbash Inc.Additional Sound Design (Support Company)
The Research CentaurAdditional Quality Assurance (Support Company)
Larry J. Bolden IIAdditional Quality Assurance
Jay FernandesAdditional Quality Assurance
Lindsay Laurers MillerAdditional Quality Assurance
Joshua PalmerAdditional Quality Assurance
Mason ZedakerAdditional Quality Assurance
SDLLocalization (Support Company)
Special Thanks
Jesse AbneySpecial Thanks
Maimoona BlockSpecial Thanks
Alessandro BovenziSpecial Thanks
Adam BoyesSpecial Thanks
Jeff CainSpecial Thanks
Miguel de IcazaSpecial Thanks
Stacey DellSpecial Thanks
Kassidy GerberSpecial Thanks
Steve GoldsteinSpecial Thanks
Norma GreenSpecial Thanks
Tal GrinblatSpecial Thanks
Jericho GuerreroSpecial Thanks
Joseph HillSpecial Thanks
Mac IshanovSpecial Thanks
Paul KirschbaumSpecial Thanks
Rodrigo KumperaSpecial Thanks
Benjamin KutcherSpecial Thanks
Michael LeonSpecial Thanks
Julie McDanielSpecial Thanks
Scott NelsonSpecial Thanks
Brian SilvaSpecial Thanks
Nick SuttnerSpecial Thanks
Anna SweetSpecial Thanks
Supergiant Games would like to thank our families and friends, whose support was essential to making this game.