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dansknugens Review [4.0/10]

dansknugen created

A game that's trying to do a lot but succeed in nothing. I get what they were trying to do and some things have high quality feel to them but does not deliver and it is not fun to play.

RoleplayeRs Review [5.0/10]

RoleplayeR created

A game from creators of Bastion. Oh, what expectations I've had for this one. Obviously had the preorder with the soundtrack going and played it day one. And what a strange experience it was. I like most aspects of the game, and yet I wasn't inclined to play it at all next time, so I finished it only now (2-3 months later?) by forcing myself to ...

CHEF__BIG__DOGs Review [10.0/10]

CHEF__BIG__DOG created

A superb and sublime experience that is an easy recommendation. I believe this game excels in all aspects.