Time until Trash Panic release!

Already released in Japan [JP] on PlayStation 3

RegionTime leftPlatform
Japan [JP]PlayStation 3
Worldwide [WW]PlayStation 3
Europe [EU]PlayStation 3
North America [NA]PlayStation 3



Trash Panic (ゴミ箱 Gomibako?) is a puzzle video game for the PlayStation 3 developed by SCEJ. It was released in Japan on March 19, 2009 on the PlayStation Network download service, and has been compared to Tetris in terms of gameplay,[1][2] though the object of the game is to compact items of garbage, not remove rows of blocks.

A spring 2009 release for both Europe[3] and North America[4] was announced in conjunction with an Earth Day promotion in the PlayStation Store.[5] Though Europe was afterward given an official release date of May 28, 2009,[6] only a preview trailer for the game was released as a part of the PlayStation Store Update for both the NA and EU regions on that date.[7][8]