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This is an action-puzzle game in which players perform simulated medical procedures and progress through a point-and-click-style adventure, with the goal of treating a variety of injured patients. Players can engage in surgery, diagnostics, orthopedics, endoscopy, forensics, and emergency response. Patients on operating tables resemble 3D models, somewhat mannequin-like and polygonal—intended as a clinical depiction. Players can reassemble broken bones; use scalpels, sutures, and lasers to cut into patients; run tests and physical exams. Surgery requires players to suction away blood, overlay layers of tissue, repair damaged blood vessels; blood-stained clothing is also depicted. The still-frame cutscenes narrate doctors' missions and detail how hospital patients received their injuries. These highly-stylized images (graphic-novel art-style) generally involve a camera panning across still-frames and still-motion characters. One sequence shows the aftermath of a mall massacre, where victims can be heard screaming, their bodies lying near small pools of blood; another scene shows a man, infected with a virus, with blood dripping from his eyes and nose—the camera pans out behind the man as quick sprays of blood appear; and a women strapped with explosives threatens to kill people in one dramatic scene. During the diagnostics portion of the game, players must diagnose patients by using the stethoscope and performing visual inspections. Female patients are asked to explain their symptoms, then lift up their shirts for closer inspection. The scene contains no nudity, but a saxophone can be heard playing in the background as a male doctor makes the following remarks: "Can she really be that thin?,""dayum!," and—after doctor's heart rate increases—"It's only natural . . . I'm a straight male." During the course of the game, characters sometimes use language such as "bullsh*t,""a*shole," and "b*tch." One central character is frequently depicted with a lit cigarette in his mouth.

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