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JustLukas Review [6.0/10]

Not great. The physics are amazing, the levels are creative and full of ideas, but the difficulty curve is super punishing, the game is buggy, crashes frequently, and over time, becomes an unpleasant experience. Yes, this type of game is about skill, but for me, it went from "hard" to "impossible" in a matter of few levels. Combine it with const...

Super Admin

Wait this is a puzzle game? [7.0/10]

The more i played it the more i realised that Trials doesn;t have much to do with a Sports game, or even a racing game. Instead, i'm willing to put it as a Puzzle game. Once you get through the concept it's more about how to approach a level in various ways rather than blazing through it as much as possible. The gameplay is simple while rea...