Trouble Shooter Press kit


Vic Tokai
Based in Japan
Founding date:

Release Date:

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis




After a prince is taken hostage by Blackball, a mutant weapons genius, Madison (the blonde on the right) and Crystal (the brunette on the left) fight through Blackball's domain on hoverpacks to rescue him. Madison will always shoot to the right. Crystal has more firepower, and she can shoot either left or right, left in order to take care of enemies approaching from behind, or right in order to deal more damage. At the beginning of each stage, you can also choose between four different special weapons. Lightning Storm shoots electricity at random, Tidal Wave is a line of vertical energy that you can control, Blizzard sends circles of energy spiraling outward from you, and Avalanche is a wall of missiles.

When King Frederick's only son and heir to the throne is kidnapped by Blackball, the mutant military weapons genius, an international disaster seems imminent. Colonel Patch quickly contacts the "Trouble Shooter" team to find Prince Eldon and destroy Blackball and his treacherous robotic underworld. Madison and her faithful sidekick, Crystal, go through five stages of fearful creatures in their adventure throughout Blackball's domain. Will Prince Eldon survive? Can Madison destroy Blackball? Will the girls emerge from Blackball's evil empire safely? Only time will tell...


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