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Twin Stick Heroes

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Genre: Arcade, Fighting, Indie, Shooter

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

In Twin Stick Heroes you take control of an oddball group of "heroes" duking it out for ultimate glory! Matches are fast and intense, every second can either mean your victory or demise, so you may have to be a little creative to come out on top. All 19 heroes vastly change gameplay, each and every one is equipped with a unique weapon or ability focusing on a certain playstyle. Sniping players across map with a bow and arro... Read More

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1 reviews

Good 90%

This game reminds me a lot of if there was a crossover of Overwatch and Enter the Gungoen, its a local multiplayer game so friends are required. I really like this game had it on wishlist since its pax but honestly forgot about it until steam sent me an email about it, This game has a lot of creative ideas and items in it and strikes a balance between randomness and skill that I think a lot of games miss. The biggest issue of this game is no si... Read More

Positive points
Tons of unlockables
Lots of Heroes and Items
Fun and creative maps
Interesting ablities
Negative points
Although there is a lot of unlockables in this game I wish it would go a little faster, also the starting amount heroes should have been more.

No online
No single player


Twin Stick Heroes is a local multiplayer arena shooter.

Brutal 4-player competitive hero shooter in the vein of classics like Enter The Gungeon and Towerfall.

OBLITERATE as you play as 19 HEROES each one equiped with weapons and ablities that match their unique playstyle! In battle all ways are viable so rush down or sit and lie in wait its your choice.

Three unique game modes are included, elimination, control point and cash grab. Elimination is the standard death match game, where kills are what matters not the last one standing. Control point forces players to keep zones under their control to rack up the most points. Cash grab is a twist on a similar game mode from smash bros, whoever collects the most cash wins!

Tread carefully on each of the 6 planets! The weather is not friendly to those who venture to set foot on its surface, and may include heat waves, item rain or a gigantic meteor shower! But for those who desire a more competitive game, weather can be turned off because Twin Stick Heroes revolves around player choice, making any match feel completely personalized to your taste. Don't like an item or gameplay mechanic? You can turn each one on or off, allowing for lots of replay value!