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Cover image for the game Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker lets people’s imaginations run wild. For the first time ever, friends can have fun playing through levels they create for one another. The Wii U GamePad controller makes it so easy for anyone to create levels; it may feel like simply sketching out ideas on paper. Players can enjoy a seemingly endless supply of inventive Mario levels from players around the world. The game includes a book totaling about 100 pages that illustrates the boundless possibilities in Super Mario Maker. Nintend...

89 / 100154.45

Super Mario Maker @ IGDB
Super Mario Maker @ IGDB

Cover image for the game Chalk

Chalk is all about drawing your way to all the glory. Draw lines across shapes to destroy them, turn back bullets at enemies and thwart huge boss enemies by bouncing stuff back in their faces. It's an arcade-game sized outing with the simple approach of a chalkboard.

Chalk @ IGDB
Chalk @ IGDB

Cover image for the game Struckd

The free game creation app for iOS and Android

Cover image for the game Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world game that has no specific goals for the player to accomplish, allowing players a large amount of freedom in choosing how to play the game however, there is an achievement system. The gameplay by default is first person, but players have the option to play in third person mode. The core gameplay revolves around breaking and placing blocks. The game world is essentially composed of rough 3D objects—mainly cubes—that are arranged in a fixed grid pattern and represent different mat...

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Minecraft @ IGDB
Minecraft @ IGDB