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Ultimate Jan Ken Pon

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Genre: Fighting, Strategy

Platforms: Android

Ultimate Jan Ken Pon, BAKCORP STUDIO’s first online video game is now available for free for Android users ! After more than two years of work, the BAKCORP team has finalized its first mobile game. It is an online battle game based on the rules of the famous Rock Paper Scissors game. Dynamic and fun, players collect, train and equip their “ guardian spirits “ who thanks to the means of unique delirious special moves, confron... Read More

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The game takes place in a crazy world inspired by medieval Japan and populated by anthropomorphic animals of all kinds. The player starts the story by reaching the only “Jan Ken Pon” dojo in the region, in the hope of being chosen by the Master of the dojo and so becoming an “apprentice”.

At that point, the apprentices will be assigned a spirit guardian who will allow them to transcend the combat techniques of “Jan Ken Pon”. They will discover that it is then possible to achieve a perfect partnership with their spirit guardians in order to perform special moves called "Jin’rais".

Unfortunately, just after their arrival, an apprentice will go to a cursed place in the dojo and release all the evil energy which was confined.

The balance of the world will then be broken. Who will manage to reestablish it?