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nikonoim's review of Ultrakill

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(Takes somewhere between 8 - 11 hours, but it depends on how good you are)
This is probably the best movement shooter out there if all you care about is movement and shooting.
You are a robot going through hell. It has a story and it has lore building up the world you are in. However you shouldn't really play this game for the story.
The graphics are simplistic and not really worth mentioning. They do however provide you with the ability to easily tell the geometry of the level you are on.
The gameplay is where Ultrakill really shines and it shines bright. Probably the best moment to moment action I've seen in an FPS. You have an arsenal of 5 weapons. This might not seem like a lot, but the amount of interactions they have with each other, makes up for it. For instance you can fire a grenade to make a small explosion, but if you switch to the explosive railgun and shoot it while it is still in the air, you can make a huge explosion that can clear entire rooms. Explaining every single combo can take hours but the best part is that 90% are useful. Complimenting this is a very well made movement system with jumping, slams, dashes, sliding and there many combinations. Even with these amazing mechanics it would be nothing if it doesn't have good level design. This is where the game comes in with its amazing pacing. Ultrakill never feels like it's dragging on. It constantly introducing new weapons, enemies and ramping up the difficulty so that every level feels unique. Talking about unique, the bosses are unique in that they are the only good ones I've seen in FPS games. They are a constant adrenaline rush that tests every one of your skills.
The soundtrack is very energetic, fitting perfectly with the rest of the game.
I believe that this is probably the best “boomer” FPS out there.

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