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I didn't wanted to do this review, but I am determined to make you play Undertale! [10.0/10]

kimono created

Okay, enough with the odd call backs. Here's the deal. You probably saw those kind of reviews tons of times, so I'll make it straight: You want to play the most interesting indie in the recent years? See for yourself why the VGAs adwards make no sense? Perhaps you are kind of tired of JRPGs and you want to see something... different? O...

Game of the year 2015 [10.0/10]

Kristhor created

Game of the year 2015 Maybe best game ever like you haven't heard this said before. Anyway I played this only recently this summer. I knew about the hype, I had even bought the game, but I hadn't picked it up. It took me a while to get into it even when I started playing it. Second play through (First play through I didn't even complete it) i...