A small child falls into the Underground, where monsters have long been banished by humans and are hunting every human that they find. The player controls the child as they try to make it back to the Surface through hostile environments,...

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Review: I didn't wanted to do this review, but I am determined to make you play Undertale!

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You stare at the bottom of your screen.
The twilight filters though your window.
Despite thinking it's stupid, you feel like this review could be useful to someone.
You are filled with...

Okay, enough with the odd call backs.

Here's the deal. You probably saw those kind of reviews tons of times, so I'll make it straight:

You want to play the most interesting indie in the recent years?
See for yourself why the VGAs adwards make no sense?
Perhaps you are kind of tired of JRPGs and you want to see something... different?
Or maybe play something with a very good OST?
Then congratulations, I think you are in the right place. Let's see if the Undertale story fits you, though...

Are linear, but well-explained stories for you?
Do you like the flavour of a classic story? (You know, you end up in a random place: get out. Videogame-y enough for me).
Do you like stories with a lot of humor?
Do you like stories with a lot of drama?

Or, perhaps, you would like a story with some shades of horror?

If any of the answers is yes, then you should definetly check Undertale.


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