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PC (Microsoft Windows)




Unferat is a warlock simulator, giving the player the opportunity to go from a village boy to a powerful dark sorcerer.
In game, protagonist will be opposed to the settlement and will take revenge on the villagers with the help of unholy creatures and dark sorcery.
The methods of interaction with the enemy, the pace of the game and the style of passage are completely determined by the player.

- Living World. Changing weather and time of day, renewable plants and animals behaving according to their position in the food chain.
- Honest economy of the settlement. Miners, blacksmiths, cooks, herbalists, alchemists, traders, and hunters develop the welfare of the settlement, earn money and improve equipment.
- Use the daily routine of the villagers against them. Wait for the workers on popular routes or lead a herd of the dead in the night raid to a trader’s camp.
- Break supply lines to weaken the enemy. The shortage of ore and herbs in the settlement will cause a shortage of ammunition, food and potions.
- Your actions will not go unheeded. Crowds of angry villagers, as well as unique characters driven by debt or gold will want to get rid of you.
- Four disciplines to learn: necromancy, witchcraft, alchemy and demonology. Become a master of one of them or make a unique set of skills to fit your own playing style!
- A deep system of sorcery. Making spells will require attention and concentration, while to apply them you will need fantasy.
- Alchemy! Make and throw at enemies jars with poisonous fog, cover your dagger with toxins, pour poison into the cauldrons with food, send plague rats!

Become your enemy’s nightmare!



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