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The evil god Strogobor has corrupted the dream world with terrible nightmares, enslaving the souls that reside in it.

In this adventure you embody Uros, the only one with the ability to deal with nightmares. Your journey begins locked up in the deepest of the prisons of the dream world, where you will have to gather the necessary courage and strength to be able to escape. Fortunately, you will not be alone, a spirit has sensed your presence and has come to your aid.

Explore a terrifying world, solve the mysteries that inhabit it and perfect your combat skills to fight against dark creatures controlled by the power of the god of nightmares.

Metroidvania: exploration of an interconnected world with the unlocking of special abilities that will allow you to access new routes to reach your goal.

Action in 2.5D: fight against 13 different enemies, face the first two bosses: Lisovik the Torturer and Strogobor God of Nightmares.

Explore a dark world: secret rooms, hidden objects... Take your time to wander through the world of nightmares and learn about the mysteries locked inside.

Restore the balance: the world is full of tormented souls. Be brave enough to free them from their slavery and manage to close the portal that connects with the real world in order to regain peace in the dream world.

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Single player
Adventure, Platform
Action, Fantasy
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