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In this prequel to Valhalla and the Lord of Infinity, you play Infinity's mentor on his quest of hatred in which murder is the ultimate goal.

Infinity has been jealous of his brother, the Good King Garamond, for as long as he can remember, and all for a twist of fate. Infinity had been born too late to be king.

Set in the mystical castle of Valhalla, you encounter a horde of brain melting puzzles through four vast levels of dazzling graphics and exceptional gameplay in which the art of communication is the name of the game.

Use the joystick button to bring up a series of icon that let you access a map of the level, or to look at, pick up, operate, or move objects. The disk icon that is among them allows you to save, load, or restart a game. Some of these icons are available when you choose to use an inventory object on something on the screen.

There are two bars on either side of the screen. One bar is your stamina. Whenever you stand on a hazard, your stamina decreases. When you have no stamina left, you die and are forced to restart the level. The other bar indicates, if you have picked up a flask, how much time that you have left before it is empty.