Age Rating for Valorant

This is a first-person shooter in which players compete in team-based multiplayer matches. Players use an assortment of firearms (e.g., pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles) and special abilities (e.g., poison gas attacks, electric arrows, ninja-star throws) to kill opponents to complete mission objectives. Battles are frenetic and are accompanied by realistic gunfire, large explosions, and screen-shaking effects. Characters emit spurts of blood when shot, and quickly collapse to the ground when killed. The word “sh*t” is heard in the game.
PEGI 16PEGI rating 16
Valorant is a first-person tactical team shooter that allows players to strategize with a team of 4 other players in online 5v5 multiplayer gameplay.
Online Gameplay
USK USK 16USK rating USK 16
GRAC 15+GRAC rating 15+
ClassInd 14ClassInd rating 14
ACB MACB rating M