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whattheclaude's review of Vampire Survivors [7.0/10]

Such a simple game, but so much fun! They really mean it when they say in the trailer "become the bullet hell". you just go on to kill everything on the screen :D

4proval's review of Vampire Survivors [9.0/10]

If you get over the first impression it turns out to be a surprisingly great game!

dreamerrvevo's review of Vampire Survivors [5.0/10]

This game hit steam like crack hit low income neighborhoods. Sprinkle in some light castlevania aesthetic elements and bam, unironic game of the year contender.3

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Fangtastic [7.0/10]

Never thoughts i'd get into the "auto battle" type genre, this is the epitome of lazy in a way :D But Vampire Surviors did get me hooked, in a brainless sort of way. The appeal is becoming overpowered, because that gets so satisfying. Once you reached that however.. the game kinda breaks and fails to offer anything. you can stay in place and...

the_last_b's review of Vampire Survivors [8.0/10]

Tuve que dejarlo porque me comia demasiado tiempo y mataba completamente mi productividad, 10/10 drogas digitales -2 estrellas por joderme tiempo de trabajos de la uni

JustLukas's review of Vampire Survivors [10.0/10]

What a ride. Unexpected, but thoroughly enjoyable game with tons of surprises, addictive game-play, and a potential to eat up all your free time. Highly recommended, my game of the year.