Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Genre: Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Bloodlines is a role-playing game with the choice between first person and third-person perspectives. The player character's ability to overcome obstacles is in many cases a mixture of player and character abilities, with character stats determining the effectiveness of actions, and player abilities determining whether or not the actions succeed. For example, the ability to move silently and avoid being detected is heavily inf... Read More

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1 reviews

Good 88%

I'm going to break this down by category: Story ------------- The story for this game, and your interactions with that story, is this game's big selling point. This game comes from the age of linear RPGs, when you followed a story and you liked it. The game features a number of side missions which do an amazing job of fleshing out the world and can change how NPCs view you. This game takes place in four hubs, where you can find side quests and g... Read More
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3 reviews

Fair 74%

The bad: This was a very buggy game, I hear it has been fixed by the online community, although considering everything I had to go trough to play trough it back in the days, I have a bit of mixed feelings about how much you can actually fix. Melee fighting system is clunky and clumsy, aiming with ranged is just clumsy, which in it's way pushes you to play the role-playing part of the game much more, rather than just strong-arming trough it. Th... Read More


The game begins with the player character's death and transformation into a vampire in late October 2004. The plot revolves around a mysterious archaeological artifact called the Ankaran Sarcophagus, believed to contain the body of an ancient vampire (Antediluvian) in torpor. As the various factions of Los Angeles conspire to obtain this artifact, or to foil each other's attempts to do so, the player must decide whom to trust: Prince Sebastian LaCroix, Regent Maximillian Strauss, the Anarchs, the Kuei-Jin, or only him/herself. However, the in-game storyline does not change regardless of what is done, and all the core missions still need to be completed. For example, if the player decides to side with the Anarchs, they will still need to obey Prince LaCroix, as they are told to act like they are still loyal. The only storyline-affecting choice is when the character chooses his or her allegiance near the end of the game, though prior choices can affect which of these allegiances are available.

The game begins with the creation of a male or female vampire character of one of seven Camarilla clans. Players can choose to manually pick the clan their character will join and their character's statistics, or they can answer a series of questions to be assigned stats. Once a character has been created, the introductory sequence begins with an in-game cinematic of a lascivious vampire Sire 'embracing' the player's character; draining the character of blood, and beginning the player's transformation into a vampire. Shortly after the Embrace, both the player and their Sire are captured by the Los Angeles Camarilla for what is revealed to have been an unauthorized act, violating the organization's strict rules on vampire creation. The player's Sire is executed at the order of the Prince, Sebastian LaCroix, who is the leader of the Camarilla in Los Angeles. The player is spared a similar fate when Nines Rodriguez, a Brujah who was in the audience as a representative of the Anarch community, jumps up and calls out the Prince, who then relents.

A sarcophagus that was previously discovered about a thousand years ago by Church authorities and subsequently re-buried, it was rediscovered by the Norwegian archaeologist Dr. Johansen, and was on its way to an American museum for examination. Bloody handprints on its surface found while on board the Elizabeth Dane indicate it may have been opened from the inside. The Vampires of Los Angeles circulate rumors that the sarcophagus held an Antediluvian, a third-generation vampire, one of the eldest and most powerful in existence, and also a sign of Gehenna, the Vampire "end of days" scenario. The vast majority of them believe that it should never be opened, or destroyed entirely. Beckett believes it to hold nothing more sinister than the mummy of an Assyrian king, a hypothesis confirmed by Dr. Johansen, who however brings to note that this king was attributed with 250 years worth of achievements. While he notes that previous royal names were probably just erased, or that the name was passed onto subsequent generations, he chuckles at the idea that the king could have lived to 250 years of age. The surface murals depict figures drinking bowls of blood, which Dr. Johansen stipulates was more of a result of rituals or simply the royalty's way of dealing with porphyric disorders, rather than any proof that whatever lies inside is a vampire.