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Hrstars Review [10.0/10]

Hrstar created

I thought I would never be able to play a game that was as brilliant as the Witcher 3. I was fortunately proven wrong. The game's atmosphere, the side characters and supporting characters are so brilliantly flushed out. I read every piece of parchment I could find and was genuinely intrigued by everyone's backstory. I did every side mission I co...

A decent vampire game [7.0/10]

Majkowski created

When Vampyr was first revealed, it looked very interesting and quite original. I was certainly interested. But now, when I had the chance to play it, I'm kind of dissapointed, but I still had a good time playing it. The story is probably the best thing about this game, because combat is decent at best and facial animations are emotionless.

Jan-Sablaturas Review [1.0/10]

Jan-Sablatura created

I do not recommend this game. This is 1998 game, not 2018 game.

datacenters Review [7.0/10]

datacenter created

Well, the story is great, but narrow... to be honest as a fan of Dishonored I really liked the game and the atmosphere. If you like Dishonored give it try, but do not expect the latest.

No Stealth mechanics in a Vampire game [4.0/10]

ThunderWolf created

I had such high hopes or this game when I first saw the trailer, sadly it didn't met my expectations . Story was good but the game-play was awful due to poor navigation systems , Combat mechanics could have been way better . Animations are pretty bad and so is the voice acting , What is really frustrating is that it has no fast travelling in ...