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Hrstars Review

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I thought I would never be able to play a game that was as brilliant as the Witcher 3. I was fortunately proven wrong. The game's atmosphere, the side characters and supporting characters are so brilliantly flushed out. I read every piece of parchment I could find and was genuinely intrigued by everyone's backstory. I did every side mission I could find. Brilliant game! Now for the furtherment of the story, in the sequel, I propose that the devs not repeat the same formula again with a new Ekon. Rather continue with Jonathan and base the second game around Jonathan perfecting the cure for Elizabeth. Also, expand upon the story of the Red Queen and Myrrin. To eternally vanquish the red queen or Myrrin, it is up to the devs to include that segment in the sequel or maybe extend it to a trilogy.

Positive points
  • Story
  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Character Development
  • Actual Choices
  • Brilliant Supporting Characters
  • Intriguing and well-rounded NPCs
Negative points
  • None that I can think of

Total score